Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Tribute to the Mahatma!

"...suddenly a man, who was later identified as Nathu Ram Godse took steps out of the crowd and fired three shots at Mahatma. Bullets hit him on the stomach and chest. Mahatma fell down saying Ram-Ram... "
– Nand Lal Mehta, in the First Information Report recorded on January 30, 1948, at 9.45 p.m.

I am not a Gandhian. But I do respect him.
You need guts to stand up to your enemy, as unarmed and vulnerable as he was. Agreed he made a few controversial decisions.He called off the Non Coop Movt when it turned violent.But how can one advocate something one dissapproves of. Again, Gandhi could have commutated the death sentences of Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev. But probably Irwin was a better bargainer than he was. He explains, "It could not be done so. And to threaten withdrawal now would be a breach of faith."

He once said, "Would our women known as the meekest on earth have done the unique service they did, if we had violence in us? And our children - our Vanar Sena; how could you have had these innocent ones who renounced their toys, their kites, their crackers and joined as soldiers of Swaraj - how could you have enlisted them in a violent struggle?"

It is worth pondering over these words. It is the mass support that decides the success or failure of a method of struggle. The people of India chose non-violent means over violent ones so clearly that even after these controversies, whenever Gandhiji gave a call he had millions responding to it.

To say the very least he was way better than you and I !!!

Friday, January 30, 2009


"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet"

If the Bard was alive today, he would be more than willing to eat his words...

His was a time when people were recognized by their potential. Whatever was their background or stature in the society.
But times have fast changed...

Glamour is all we talk about. BRAND NAME matters, no matter what..right from time you open your eyes..the urge for fancy Names gets bigger day by day.

We have turned into brand conscious beings. Name is all we care about these days...Associate yourself to a brand however remotely, and there you go..half the battle is won!

I myself went through lot of names for my blog, searching for fancy ones before I decided on Zeitschrift (German for journal).

To quote Richard Strauss(German composer):

"Building brand name is key. That's what America is all about"

We are sorry Will but Rose by any other name aint sweet anymore.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Vous parlez quelle langue?

Bonjour Messieurs et Mesdames!
Among the things that I always wanted to do was to learn foreign languages. And I always had a fascination for French. So be it. Came summers and I registered for a French course.

The basic problem with learning a new language is to unlearn the rules of languages that we are used to. Sometimes even the most basic rules of Grammar change! Add to that the French pronunciation(pronounced as- prho-nun-see-aa-siyo in French), and what you have is total mayhem!!!

But with a little effort you get familiar with these. It maybe a bit early to say, but now I have developed some interest in the language.

That's all for this time.

Au Revoir!