Monday, December 14, 2009

Of cats and dogs!

Apparently with the increase in student intakes every year, the insti has also decided to let in more of the rest of the animal kind. The authorities believe that it is for keeping the balance in the insti ecosystem. So much attention is being paid to give their fraternity a warm homecoming that the mere sight of a panther in the campus is met with loud applause and fireworks. As if that was not sufficient, the high panther expectancy zones are searched with powerful torch lights so that no panther can escape out. All attempts are being made to trap the panthers inside the campus.

Besides, we are also accepting quite a few number of dogs and cats this year. Only recently, a visitor came by in a car and left us 3 puppies. To ensure no friction with the PETA authorities, these have been well accommodated in the student hostels. Due to lack of availability of rooms, arrangements have been made in the lounge area, mess, and in most cases wing corridors, staircases and toilets. The institute also encourages greater bonding between the animal kingdom and the student community and hence encourages the newbies to keep visiting our rooms and feel at home. They also eat with us in the canteen. I find that most of them like the Gobi ke paranthes and Noodles from the canteen. They also come in all shapes and sizes and breeds. My hostel hosts a grandfather dog, a white puppy, a brown skinned and another white skinned street dog along with a gray cat and her bony kitten. Ironically, these have twisted lifestyle choices. They often sleep where we piss and likewise piss where we sleep.

The number of the larger-sized species from the coveted animal kingdom is limited but that of the smaller insects is innumerable and out of control. Recently, to curb their numbers we have installed insect trappers in the mess and canteen areas. The authorities are also considering an entrance test for them to only let the right one in. The student community is requested to pen down their feedbacks in the comments section for further review of the insti animal policies.

Insti Wildlife Secy