Thursday, April 14, 2011

Days of Our Lives at IIT

Disclaimer: It's perhaps best for you if you skip reading this post!

With the Valfi season here, everyone in the institute is very senti about his/her four years at IIT. I thought of doing it differently over here - penning down the most memorable moments here:

1st Year:

The initial settling: figuring out the shortcuts in the insti-decoding the timetable-lectures and orientations-

sessions with mentor #Shantanu Gangal - screwing up the first MA quiz - F1 ditch - line follower - nexus max pain machine #Sahil Patwa, #Jay Parikh, #Shamit Monga - lit enthu and fight, lit mein katna for lack of a team, room baap and lit secy #Miheer Desai - random chit chats and gossip in room #Anubhav Jain, #Abhishek Anand, #Shailesh Verma, #Manuraj Meena - NSO mein mehnat - endurance tests mein give up ho jaana #Arjun Mewara - Physics/Chem labs jaane ke time Tum Tum naa milne pe cycle ke carrier seat pe baith ke jaana #Suyog Abnave - DIC quiz ke pehle wing ke saath soft ball se Tag khelna - freshie night mein Sholay ka spoof performance - freshiezza mein Impromptu acting - comp room mein long hours - Mahabaleshwar during Holi and infi photography - Marine Drive for the first time and in awe of Mumbai

French classes and Nepal trip during summer! IPL match DD vs KKR at Eden

2nd Year:
New lappy! - installing softwares, downloading movies - guest house-like feel at the hostel due to lake side view from window, rainy days and cozy rooms with 3-4 people together - wing intros - sophie treats, twice - intern fundae from clueless senior - infi dram enthu and streetplay - new mess and amazing food - sustained lit enthu and futile attempts at quizzing in insti - infi TF coordigiri under #Siddharth Mishra and #Agyeya Sharma - Juhu beach and infi malls on birthdays - more of Marine Drive visits - Lakeside and long discussions filled with regrets and senti - TF manager dilemma - IIM intern confirmation - acads give up - Mentor treat with freshie wing - December project under #Prof K Iyer and then ditch - internet addiction and social networking - Bangalore!

Awesome weather at Bangalore! Dinners and lunches with #Ankush Bajoria, #Nandan Sawant, #Manuraj Meena. Sandwiches at Amul in the campus - First meeting with other interns in Bangalore - infi networking - Ooty - best trip since a long time - Dodabetta - gmail crackness and trip senti - Bannerghatta National Park on a weekday morning after making the excuse of a headache with the prof - Volleyball daily in the night - Trips to Mysore (rain and cold and infi tired after night outs), Pondicherry(very hot, everything shut down), Hoggenakkal (amazing!), Nandi Hills(windy!) one after the other - MG Road, Brigade Road walks - TV and internet in the flat I shared with #Nandan Sawant and #Manuraj. Indian Pizza at Pizza House in night wear - inspiration and realizations - application for Radiance - one of the best days of my life

3rd Year:
Marketing manager for radiance - infi support from everyone especially #Arjun Mewara, #Vinay Gupta - pained the team a lot but they welcomed my suggestions openly - started writing for InsIghT, a long standing wish - bangalore intern junta reunions - infi HN wanderings - foreign intern fight - secured german intern early on - continued applying - got TUM - got DAAD - got Morgan Stanley and took this - Pankhudi over December - good experience but could have been better - very helpful and supportive people like #Smriti Dey, #Aditya Karandikar and #Shehzad Wakeel - Radiance highs and lows - awesome team bonding towards the end - grand radiance treat - fight for Gsec, then MEA GSec, then neither - finally MEME Ed with #Mayur Srinivasan - chosen institute student mentor by #Rahul Srinivasan and #Manish Shetty - good initial days - freshmen forum ideation and discussions and convincing junta for the same - implementation with the help of #Antariksh Bothale and #Mayank Singhal among others - maintenance and updating with #Anasuya Mandal, #Antariksh Bothale and lot of offline support from #Manish Shetty along with Morgan Stanley intern fun with #Twishmay Shankar, #Aaron D'Souza, #Bhavik Chheda, #Keval Vora and #Suzanne D'Silva, 2 weeks of no work during intern and infi frust - final presentation deadline at intern and a night out in office - dinner and lunch treats at office and a trek to Naneghat with the team - Good presentation, not-so-good PPO interviews - infi finance fundae during intern - Showed Mumbai to #Rohit Agarwal and friends - Phoenix Mills, Juhu beach, Bandstan, Nariman Point, Colaba and CST in one night

4th Year:
Placement preps - resume - resume - resume - CAT prep - resume - resume - mock GD/PIs - buddy talks, PPTs, company shortlists, infi give up - didi's marriage preps - 4 days at home with family at peak placement time for marriage - #Snehil Buxy and #Satyaprakash Pareek visit with a beautiful wall painting on behalf of the entire wing - first flight back to Mumbai after wedding - interviews - rejections - E&Y! - home - Dad's surgery and TJY clash - mom convinces me to go for TJY - wonderful wonderful experience - CAT scores - IIM L interview - last sem lukkha - Jog and Jung's lectures followed by Bhat - infi eatouts - Kala Ghoda festival and caricature - Kurta day and lunch at China House with phoenix wing junta - Plays at Nariman Point and Prithvi - weekends at didi and jijaji's place - Out of the Blue with bangalore junta - a 2 hour long way and back but awesome food and good ambiance - Mandwa beach and water sports with #Abhishek Jain, #Himanshu Bahamani, #Arjun Mewara, #Shailesh Verma followed by BTC lunch at Mumba Devi - Cheese Fondue at Oven Fresh, Dadar - World Cup Final and the aftermath in HN and lakeside - PAFs - YIF application, interview and acceptance- one day trip to Delhi - Valfis!

I am sure I have forgotten a lot of things here, and will add on later if I do remember them. But it's good to know that I could write this post for reflection in the future!