Saturday, January 9, 2010


Recently, a professor gave us an assignment to build working models of Gears, Crankshafts, etc. using mount board. Quite practical right? But almost everyone was cursing the prof on the grounds that it was a pretty lame thing to do and why do we need to make things like this when we know how they work and all. Moreover, when in the class, we realized (although wrongly, but that's not the point) that these working models will not be graded and need not even be submitted, the first reaction was why did we do it then?

This and the 3 Idiots slamming the education system have made me think whether we do things only for grades? And if this tendency led to the fact that things were made compulsory at schools and colleges or is it that because the system is faulty, we have become accustomed to work only for grades. Looks like a vicious circle to me.