Thursday, April 23, 2009

sophomore-NO MORE!

So this is it!
M not a sophomore anymore..(SOPHO-NO-MORE as one of my friends puts it)
Oh yes I will pass..THANK you very much for your concern !! *frowns*

The one thing I love about being done with the final exams is that you dun have
to read all those same old boring courses anymore (...and other boring courses will take over :P)

Also there's nothing better than to be able to go back home to my family and old friends...
This time however I am not..(bloody internships!)..miss u mom, dad, u

Anywayz...looking forward to a great summer...

Have fun..

Cheers! :)


anasuya said...

It wasn't a bloody intern, was it? :)
I made the greatest friends that summer :)

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