Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Year it was!

This post has been edited on popular demand to include more details:

Third Year concludes. Wow! What an year! My best yet. So much happened. Most of it great. Some bad.

This past year in bullets: (:P)
  • Treats, Lunches and Dinners:
With: Bangalore Junta, Wingies and Radiance team
Where: Gullu, Laxmi, Utsav, Poptates, Urban Tadka, Rajdhani, Subway, Dominos, Pizza Hut, Papa John's, 5 Spices, Kinn Kohn, Wild Dining, Copper Chimney
When: All year round!
  • Marketing Manager, Radiance - High expectations but zero experience. Anxieties. Happy at the same time! Looking back, no regrets whatsoever.
  • TUM, Germany - Finally, i had an intern! Product Engineering Division at TUM - Could not have been better. Euro Trip! DAAD application et al. Fingers crossed.
  • DELF A1 - 77% - not bad for starters, eh. Je parles francais!
  • Joined InsIghT - Had wanted to do that since freshie year. Recent stints at writing encouraged me.
  • Horrible Semester - Prabhu (pun intended) ki kripa - so much work for a 30 credit sem!
  • 8.5: Barely made it. Right on the mark. But that was just the spi. Needed to work harder.
  • Pankhudi: Winter Intern was fun and rewarding. Designing / compiling activity sheets and exercises et al. Met some very awesome people including the kids.
  • Radiance work: Amidst all this, frantic contacting continued with little success. Had not quite found the right nerve to be tapped :-/
  • Home, Sweet Home - catching up with family. Awesome time. News!
  • New Sem - Fight for an extra credit course to reduce load later - Ended up with an audit!
  • Radiance - Breakthrough: Finally - Won't forget the awesome 10 days. One after another!
  • DAAD results - yay!! Should I or should not I. TINA factor. Fight for accommodation and the extra stipend!
  • Career Choices: Confusion hi confusion hai..solution ka pata nahi...
  • Midsems: In midst of all this hullabaloo, midsems appeared as if out of thin air! Abysmal
  • Radiance: More breakthroughs. Woohooo!
  • Di's Bday: Surprise visit home! Cakes and more cakes. Yummy!
  • Internships: People crack interns left and right \m/
  • Insti Elections: 'nuff said!
  • More people crack!
  • Radiance!! - What a fulfilling experience! _0_ \m/
  • Dept Elections - To be or not to be GSec. From Department GSec to MEA GSec to a bonafide law abiding dep-izen. All in two weeks! Polt! Results - Yay!
  • Morgan Stanley - Pleasant surprise. Bumps (almost :P) Infi congos :)
  • DAAD ditch - German prof not so happy. Drama!
  • Student Mentor - Feels good.
  • Valfis - some very funny profiles and senti and not-so-awesome food. Infi icecreams!
  • Arti Rush: InsIghT - MEME - InsIghT - MEME - InsIghT - in that order - all in a month. :D
  • Endsems - Screw Ups - Re-exam - More Screw Ups
  • Summer in Bombay - :-?
  • ....
Feel a totally different person than what I was at the end of my second year!

Ready for an awesome summer and an eventful last year at IIT Bombay. More responsibilities and lot more important things to come soon. Will win some and will lose some. Can't wait for it.



Anonymous said...

:) You've quite summed it all. Why haven't you elaborated on some things?

Ankur said...

I thought it would be too long and boring if I elaborated :)

Avi Sharma said...

Good one.....short and sweet...told it all in few line !! :)

anasuya said...

In bullets! :)

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