Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cat o' Nine Tails

And it went head-on with the rotating blades. The poor moth had hurt its wings and was fidgeting on the ground in hope of being able to fly again. I was an innocent observer to the whole situation. I felt guilty. Had the door not been left open, the moth would not have come in. Had the moth not come in, it would not have collided with the fan.


I jumped. Now a moth is one thing, but how did I not notice the cat under my bed? It's not supposed to be a zoo! I was infuriated and was driving the cat away mindlessly when it struck me that the cat was hungry. Poor moth, it lay right in the middle of cat's way. Driving out the cat was not an option anymore. The cat was quick and the moth was hurt. I tried pushing the moth out of cat's way. But, hell also hath no fury like a cat starved. It sprang onto the moth in no time. And that was the end of the moth.

I was innocent. I felt guilty.


The Era of Enterprise Mobility said...

remembered my childhood days......

Ankur said...

Ironically, this isn't a childhood memory of mine. It happened very recently. I wanted to inject innocence in the whole thing though. :)

Priya said...

Poor cat! It sort of gets an evil air in all of this!

Ankur said...

No wonder! A huge animal lover, aren't you! (read your blog posts)

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