Monday, December 13, 2010

An empty train compartment

An empty train compartment on a long train journey is probably the best thing that can happen to you. Especially if you don't have a book to keep you company and all you have to spend those 32 long hours is a laptop and a mobile which plays good music. Both of these, however, have limited power backup.

The Good:
  • You have uninterrupted access to the power socket, 2 of them in fact, to charge your cellphone and laptop
  • You need not put your backpack at one end of the seat and crouch on your berth (or what's left of it) while sleeping
  • You can use bedding sheets and pillows of the adjacent berths to keep you cozy
  • You can sleep at lower, middle or upper berths or even rotate among them according to your whims
  • You can also hop, skip and jump between window and aisle seats at your wish
  • You can sleep without having to wake up to allow your fellow passengers to sit
  • You don't need to plug in earphones to avoid disturbing others
  • You are not disturbed by your fellow passenger howling on the phone or playing the lamest music out loud
  • There are no nagging aunts prodding you about your life history
  • There are no ambitious parents comparing you to their sons and daughters or bragging about them without pause
  • There is no overtly adventurous or extremely restless child to trouble you
The Bad:
  • Just that if you get bored, there's no one to talk to.
  • You miss out on interesting train-time gossip
The Ugly:
  • It never happens to you! Yea, you never get to travel alone in an empty compartment for the length of your journey, at least with Indian Railways.


subtlescribbler said...

haha..exactly! no point imagining as it never happens in India! but in any case, i love train journeys with ppl arnd so an empty compartment will be a no :) well written!


Ankur said...

@Sarah: It almost happened to me! Anyhow, thanks! And keep visiting.

Beyond Horizon said...

hey cool ..true...liked the good point "You don't need to plug in earphones to avoid disturbing others"...n finding empty train compartment...its nvr gonna happen

Ankur said...

Thanks! I like the next point more though.

Anonymous said...

"Travelling alone" sounds scary to me..! :)

Team G Square said...

Would love to do this sometime esp on a long train journey ....

Ankur said...

@aniruddh: Trust me, it isn't one bit so :D

@Team G: Good luck with finding an empty compartment, then! :D

Manoj Kumar said...

seems as if you were left alone some time back....

he he nice post.....but chatterbox like me will be bored travelling alone. i do expect a beautiful girl besides would turn me romantic....he he :)

Arpana said...

nice musing over travelling alone!

Ankur said...

@Manoj: Haha :D

@Arpana: Thanks!

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