Thursday, February 3, 2011

Entry for Cleartip "Every trip has a Purpose" Contest

I had always been an average guy blessed with more than average things in life – a good education, a highly supportive family and good friends. But what I missed in my life was that it was too normal and hence probably getting too mundane. Now, was the time to do something different, to follow my passion, to try things out. Having no other source of information, I turned to the internet and blessed be me that I chanced upon this extraordinary trip:

1 Train | 13 Destinations | 15 Role Models | 18 Days | 400 Youths | 9000 kms

Of course, I was intrigued. This sounded just like the kind of thing I would want to do. An adventure with a purpose!

Tata Jagriti Yatra is an annual 18-day train journey across India aimed to awaken the spirit of entrepreneurship among the youth who could drive the wagon of change through enterprise led development. A journey to understand the problems of the middle India and to find solutions to those problems. A journey meant to re-discover India and the Indian within, to inspire the youth, through exposure to unsung heroes, and to motivate them to make an impact in their own domains.

It was not just about trying out different things for me anymore. My purpose for this fantastic trip became to re-evaluate myself, to discover my passion, to gain new perspectives on things in life. My purpose became to interact with this most diverse set of 399 youths who have the vision and the passion to be the stalwarts of change. It promised, and did turn out as well, to be an intellectually stimulating journey of learnings and un-learnings and of humble realizations - a journey through my inner self.

That was my purpose to be on this trip – the Tata Jagriti Yatra from 24th December, 2010 to 11th January, 2011. If you liked knowing about my purpose to be on this trip, do vote for me at

Kyunki har trip kuch kehta hai...


Arti said...

Sounds like a very interesting yatra...All the Best for the contest

Ankur said...

Yea, it was really some experience! It's an annual event, if you are interested that is :)

And, thanks for the vote!

Mohan said...

Wow.. 1 Train | 13 Destinations | 15 Role Models | 18 Days | 400 Youths | 9000 kms that must be an achievement I say!

Ankur said...

It was! Hats off to the organizing team that they managed to pull this off so well.

Thanks for the vote! :)

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