Wednesday, March 16, 2011

You know you are graduating when..

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  • You are writing essays, giving interviews or have done them in near past.
  • You have a To-Do list in place for before the year ends
  • You stop caring for grades - passing courses is enough
  • You have weird mood swings - wanting for the year to end one moment, and wishing time would freeze the other moment
  • You start doing the most random stuff just for the "experience"
  • Every other day, you are eating outside and at a new place every time
  • Every passing moment promises to be a memory
  • After every trivial and inconsequential thing you do, your status messages say something like: Going sleepless on two consecutive nights, wandering like crazy in the town. Check.
  • Gaming, social networking activities become the norm of the day
  • You move around with a "I don't give a Damn" sign writ all over your face
  • You feel it's your moral responsibility to educate the innocent bachhas and bachhis about life ke fundae
(Yes, I am graduating. Yayieee! Hurray! This one is dedicated to the passing out batch at IIT Bombay!)


Onshui said...

:) Also, when you feel like taking mental pictures all the time and after meeting someone wonder if this would be the last time you'd ever meet 'properly'.

Ankur said...

Btw, did you notice the re-christening of the blog?

Nandhini said...

Yeah, every minute there is a feeling this might not be for long, this might be the last time for this and that's when we start re-thinking how we had been to other people in the last few years.

So thoughtful to write about this topic! Good wishes for your graduation!

Ankur said...

Thank you Nandhini, for both appreciating the post and your wishes for my graduation!

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