Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Four Years

My amateurish attempt at poetry. Comments and suggestions to improve are more than welcome.
"Four Years"

“Congratulations,” they say,
“You are now a graduate
from IIT Bombay.”
As they complement me on surviving
4 years of gruesome engineering,
I wonder
Was it really four years
Of lightening, storm and thunder?

No! They were four years
of learnings and becomings,
and unlearnings and unbecomings.
Of proud moments and humble realizations,
and unforeseen revelations
about me, myself and I
and the world around me,
the sun, the moon and the sky.

Four years of experimentation -
successes and appalling disasters.
Of constant introspection and reflection
on sea shores and in pastures
Years of pure sloth and lethargy
Filled with activity and energy

Of emotional highs and lows
and egotist blows.
Stretching our boundaries tight,
and exploring all possibilities
with all our might
Years that defined our identities!

Four years
of my existence
or, my existence
of four years?


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