Monday, March 26, 2012

The Messy Cupbaord

The world has a natural tendency to disorganize itself. Entropy seeks to maximize itself. Disorder is, in fact, the order of the day.

Look around you and you will find numerous examples. Look inside your cupboard. Perhaps, you had arranged things in order only a week ago and it already is a mess again. Traffic goes haphazard, queues break into clusters, systems tend to fail, telephone lines disrupt.

There is a natural propensity towards disorder, anarchy, rubble, chaos. This is because regulation is difficult. Maintaining order requires precision, patience and discipline with continuous, thankless and ungrateful effort.

Does that mean we crib and give up? Hardly. I guess, life is in continuously fighting this rebellious streak towards disorder and aspiring for harmony. So, let's promise ourselves to keep arranging our cupboards, if only to allow them to get messy again.


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