Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Point of it all

I have noticed a marked decrease in frequency of my posts. It's not that things don't cross my mind so much these days. But I think I have started becoming a little comfortable with myself and the world around. Thinking about ideas, issues, events, they all seems to finally boil down to some bare essentials. And, then these essentials (for they are 'essentials' for good reason), seem to be old and overused thoughts. It seems like stating the obvious. And then I don't feel like blogging about it. At the same time, I see so many people stating the obvious all the time, or atleast alluding to it without stating it directly in their opinions, statements, viewpoints, etc. It's possible that they don't think it is about the same set of fundamentals. Now, this implies that either I oversimplify things, for the sake of trying to see the bigger picture and to identify the undercurrent as a compulsive habit, or that some people just miss the point. On second thoughts, it is possibly a combination of the two with a really large part of the first alternative.

And, I say this because I have had instances where my interpretations have been different from some other people's. In fact, each of us understand things in our own way. When we read something that might be offering a different perspective, our tendency is to look at it from our viewpoint. A recent study showed opinionated articles only reinforce fascist opinions both for and against the argument. Interesting, isn't it?

The point of my post? Perhaps, different for different people? Or perhaps, nothing at all?


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