Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hola!!! guessed it right. It's my first attempt at blogging, but I would be glad if u could kindly state what was the give-away.

What made me do it??

I always had a flair for writing things down, but believe me I have got a terrible handwriting. So, thanks to some Mr Babbage for this great invention and Mr Steve Jobs (if i am not mistaken) for inventing fonts. Still it took me a lot of time and motivation to overcome my laziness and sign up for blogger ;)

Why I chose blogger and not others like wordpress.

Just that i am a big google fan.

Who am I?

You can call me Ankur (or you can call me whatever you want, but most people call me Ankur). I am just a normal guy. You will find out more about me through my posts.

Till then cya..have fun..

P.S:Merry Christmas to all..


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