Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year!??

hey all..m back..
i hope this Christmas, our very own Santa showered his generosity upon all of us.. :)
so..all geared up to embrace the next year,eh?..the time to reminisce over the past make some resolutions..

Deja vu!?

yes we do it every is our perfect way to pay a tribute to the year almost bygone, to welcome the upcoming days that promise novelty..

OR is it??

how many resolutions have u managed to keep beyond the first month..or the first week for that long does this newfound(excuse me..did i say new..i meant the same old refound) charm last..2 days into the year and we are back to ground zero! busy in our lives..doing little different from wat we used to do a week earlier..wen we had so firmly promised ourselves and all who would care to listen that this is it..from d next yr i m gonna do this..i m gonna do that..blah blah blah!!!

if u r guilty of this...then my friend its time we realize that every year comes and goes..there is nothing special..the new year wont bring any magic along with it...not unless we want it to...and if we want it to..thn y wait for the new year...why the 1st of Jan..y not any other day!!any day is new.. if we want an excuse to start..thn better not start...coz thn we wont ever finish wat we started..

i am not against partying..after all..all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

if u r confused or offended..then excusez moi, s'il vous plait ...forget wat i had to say..i didnt mean to baffle or offend anyone..

Cya...have fun


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