Saturday, July 25, 2009

Barefoot on ceramic !

Nine of us walked into a restaurant today...all bare-footed! (Remember Barefoot on Metal;FPS, Ch3? Only, in our case it was on ceramic tiles and that didn't look hot!)

Anyways, it all happened on our wing picnic to Lonavala and Khandala with the new sophie junta. We started at 6 in the morning reaching Lonanvala by 8. It was really cold and foggy up there. And to top that, it was raining. More unpredictably than it does in Mumbai! Despite that, it was really amazing.

Tiger Cliff, Bhushi Dam, Carla caves, Bhaja caves in that order! And lots of trekking, waterfalls and bathing all along (not to forget some 400 plus pics!)

Followed by lunch at Neena's, where it happened. Having survived till 1 o'clock only on two vada pavs we were really hungry. And our shoes had all become wet. So we left them in the Tata Winger that we had hired and got in the restaurant barefoot! ordering amongst the 9 of us, 72 puris, 11 bowls of aloo bhaji, 3 bowls full of pickles and onion!!! And our plates were sparkling at the end. Not a morsel wasted!
It looked as if we were one of those improperly fed-n-dressed people (the bhooka-nangas as we sometimes not-so-politely address them)!!

Lunch was followed later in the day by the famous Maganlal's chikkis and corn (makai or bhutta) at Khandala! It was a great picnic and quite a welcome for the sophie junta into the wing!


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