Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Birthday BASH!

Ok here's d thing. Birthdays are meant to be fun.

But not with people 'bashing' u up as soon as the clock strikes midnight.
When we were in school, we used to have those bashings on our backs the number of times equal to the number of years the person had lived as of then. Well that was not so bad. I guess you could only hit someone so hard on the back.

But now people have sunk low. Both figuratively and literarily!

The new hitting zone are your bumps. And the hitters take tremendous pride and joy on being able to land hard hitting slippers on the bumps with all strength he can muster. My God! the tradition of bumps on birthdays have uncovered the strengths within guys as lean as stick. It is as if all the frust has finally found a vent and there is no hope in the future. As if all the torture are the misdoings of this guy standing with his face to the wall, pinned by his two hands held stretched out and crying for mercy all because he was born this day!

Only when u have had a sore bottom, do people stop but to smudge cream from your birthday cake all over your face and hairs! Even after this, treats to all those present are in order!

You are hit! Smudged with cream and then you treat them! Bizzare, aint it? And there's no escaping it. Unless you are lucky enough that your birthday (read doomsday) comes during the vacations when you are at home.

All said and done, its a great feeling when so many people actually make it a point to remember your birthday...for whatever reason. Overwhelming! trust me..


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