Friday, September 18, 2009


Been busy with midsems. Lots have passed meanwhile. Intern fight, fest work, lukkha (apparently i cant live without it) and of course studying in watever little time i was left with. Oh! and the longest blackout in the past two years (unconfirmed) in the insti.

About blackouts, they are ossum! Its one of those rare times when d hostel junta sets aside their laptops and desktops and comes out of the room all excited. You can see (of course after your eyes get adjusted to the gloomy surroundings) people forming addas the corridors, on the stairs, up on the roofs. And people gossip and laugh and scream and shout with their howls audible from over a mile away. You can see people flashing torches (no one bothers to light candles anymore it seems!); those fortunate enough to own a powerful flash enabled camera go wild, clicking at almost anything in the dark. People sing, people talk on the cell phones, some just sit and enjoy the cool breeze...

And in midst of all this, there are some who stay back in their rooms still stuck to their laptops till they have squeezed out as much power as possible from the poor battery.

Multiply all this by 15 and add to it the scene on the roads with people wandering aimlessly, the only sources of light there being the occasional Tum Tums and the ATM outlet and then stage this show of sorts on the night before a midsem exam for more than two hours and half and you get ossumness raised to infinity!

Meanwhile, I sneaked out of the campus to HN for dinner with my friends.

It was amazing!

P.S: What do u like or not like about blackouts? leave comments :)


onshui said...

"addas" :)

Ankur said...


shanky0o said...

Yeah, Blackouts make things like "Energy GC" look stupid.

anasuya said...

Dude there was a blackout when I had TOEFL the next day. I was dying to get to CCD to go give one last practice test and then the power thankfully came back :)

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